Care for your loved ones from the experts in the medical and hospitality industry, unmatched service quality.


We are a medical team which will follow you from the hospital/rehab to home till you are safely settled.


Our service is comparable to a Medical doctors office visit, only this visit occurs at your convenience in your own home.




Our team will contact you on the day of your discharge and make sure the transition is smooth.


Our Goal. 


Prevent ER Visits.

The program’s target is 20% reduction of rehospitalization.

This program involves patients that are unable to leave their homes and are more or less completely homebound (ex: wheelchair bound, bed bound).

Our services involve visits which include routine care, pain management, anxiety/panic management, ancillary services, wound care.

We also assist with completion of advance directives, provide grief counseling and bereavement services.


Who qualifies for House Calls?


A person who has difficulty leaving home safely.


The patient does not need to be bed-bound or immobile to qualify for house calls.


A Mission with Purpose.
United States of America + Bangladesh


USBD Hospitalists and Consultants started from humble beginnings in Bangladesh.